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I love love going to Malaysia! You want to know why?
Because of the food!
My dearest sister got me this whole box of cupcakes from KL from this place called Wondermilk!
wondermilk cupcakes

It definitely created a wonderland in my mouth!
NomNomNom moment!

The 80s Rock!


Don't you just love 80s cartoon?!!! And who doesn't remember Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 
What a classic!
Halloween costume idea this year? I know I'm going as Rainbow Brite or the sexy sultry Jessica Rabbit!


I went for the IIFA Awards last weekend and I must admit I was hit by Bollywood fever!
My inner fangirl came out when I caught sight of the cutie Ranbir Kapoor! Some friends and me were calling out to him as we prepared our cameras to take that close up.
One of my friends actually asked him if she could have a hug when he turned to us and he obliged!!! Such a sweetheart!
Hehe! I got one too! 
That made my week! :) Wasn't able to get a picture with him though but here are some pictures I managed to get of him!

The magic of makeup

Just watched a video of this girl who has managed to use make-up to erase the flaws on her face. This teen model suffers from really bad acne and looking at her with her make-up you would never be able to guess that she has anything other than perfect skin!

cassandra bankson sans makeupcassandra bankson with makeup

The transformation is amazing and I love that she has made a step-by-step tutorial to show how she uses makeup to achieve such flawless results!
Thanks Cassandra you rock!

Sesame street!

Sesame street raided the office today!
Thank you Jac for the treat! Yay Yummy!

sesame street


Just got pinterest! So excited to pin stuff on my board!
Also love the images that fellow pinners(is that even right?) have on their board!
Just love the food and drink one as I'm a baked goods fan!

peanut butter cup

dreaming of a holiday

Am looking to save up and go for a road trip next year! Was thinking of travelling from East to West across America and hitting all the theme parks! So fun!!


PS Calling

I've been sick these past few days. Been hit with sore throat, running nose and intermittent coughing. This however has not stopped me from dreaming about the steamed apple pudding from P.S Cafe Palais Renaissance. I'm craving it right now but the boy has been tired and I dont want to bother him.
So I'll probably head down myself and enjoy the moist steamed apple pudding, sitting prettily on warm yummy butterscotch sauce after work tomorrow.
It's making me drool just thinking about it!

Apple steamed pudding from P.S Cafe
apple steamed pudding from PS Cafe

Mother's Day weekend!

Mother's Day weekend is here! Been racking my brain on what to get for my mom this whole week and I've realised from past experience, my mom appreciates those hand made gifts. I remember 3 mother's day ago, when my siblings and I made a video montage for her with a special wish at the end from my younger sis in Aussie. The vid made my mom cry and this started the waterworks all around.

This mother's day I'll be crafting a special card inspired by the scrapbooking craze that has hit Singapore. Been rummaging around for old photos and old photos=memories so it's been a week of reminiscing.

Looking at all the old photos I'm struck by how many of our events and memories are revolved around food.

This mother's day I'll be suprising my dearest mummy by preparing brekkie for her and treating her and my grandmothers to a seafood lunch. Also as a special treat I'll be baking a cake especially for her.
This is significant as she is the chief baker in the house and she makes the most fantastic cakes but she never really eats her own cakes!

So just want to wish all mothers out there a very Happy Mothers' Day! 

my siblings n me with mummy
My siblings and I with my Ummi

Moroccan Oil

I absolutely love Moroccan Oil!!! It makes my hair smooth and shiny n it is not oily or sticky, just perfect for my fine hair!
I have also received rave reviews from my aunt who uses moroccan oil on her n her daughter's hair. Anyway people if u have dry, damaged unmanageable hair, seriously u have to try moroccan oil!!